When I was in the Army I experienced firsthand the frustration of being a veteran in Oregon courts.  I decided to become an attorney because of my experience.  I have dedicated my career to advocating for veterans in divorce and child custody matters. 

I chose to work at Northwest Veterans Law because NWVL is dedicated to standing with veterans in their darkest hours.  When I stand next to you in court I passionately argue for your rights - to your children and to your property.  I am a veteran and I am a lawyer.  The law protects veterans and I have dedicated my career to enforcing those protections.  Our firm is committed to veterans and I oversee protection of their rights in divorce and custody matters.  I will not let the court, or your significant other, use your military service or military disability against you.

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I founded Northwest Veterans Law after 25 years of military service to provide veterans with the legal services that are important to veterans.  Our team embodies the military values and brotherhood of service.  We will stand beside you and carry the sword to defend your legal rights.

After military service I realized that civilian law firms did not understand the unique legal issues faced by veterans and did not understand the laws designed to protect veterans. 

We forcefully represent veterans in divorce and custody matters and have had great success in winning full custody for our clients.  We are proud of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the VA has awarded our clients and the difference that money has made in their lives.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping a brother in need.

Mark Ronning

LTC, USA Retired


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Michael Curtis

MAJ, USA Retired

Janet Graham

SPC, US Army

Over the course of 20 years in the Military, I have learned the difference a strong advocate can make in any situation.  I came to Northwest Veterans Law to be that strong advocate for veterans and for their families.

My experience working with VA appeals has taught me how to navigate the challenges that the VA presents.  I have learned how to help veterans obtain the benefits that they have earned.  I have learned the laws and the arguments to turn a VA denial into a VA grant of service connection and benefits. 

Whether you have been struggling with the VA bureaucracy or you need an advocate to help correct your military records corrected, let us stand with you.