Consumer Law

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA): The stated purpose of the SCRA is to, "provide for, strengthen, and expedite the national defense through protection extended by this Act to Servicemembers of the United States to enable such persons to devote their entire energy to the defense needs of the Nation; and to provide for temporary suspension of judicial and administrative proceedings and transactions that may adversely affect the civil rights of Servicemembers during their military service."

Congress has provided protections for military members who are called to federal service.  Whether you have issues with your landlord, credit card company, storage unit, cell phone or divorce, the SCRA may offer you and your spouse protections.  Email us and tell about the issue.  Our office will contact you within 72 hours to discuss whether you are protected.

Credit, Vehicle, Cell Phone, Contract and Warranty

​Whether you are currently serving, considering service or have proudly served, you will enter into contracts and agreements to buy and sell
goods and services.  Many states offer protections in addition to the
federal SCRA and many states require the other side to pay attorney fees if you win!  Our attorneys understand what right looks like, let us stand in your corner when you face a bank, corporation, dealership or agency.

Employment Law

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) 
USERRA is a federal law intended to ensure that persons who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard or other uniformed services: (1) are not disadvantaged in their civilian careers because of their service; (2) are promptly reemployed in their civilian jobs upon their return from duty; and (3) are not discriminated against in employment based on past, present, or future military service. The law is intended to encourage uniformed service so that the United States can enjoy the protection of those services, staffed by qualified people, while maintaining a balance with the needs of private and public employers who also depend on these same individuals.

                  Wills, Trusts

                                         Estate Planning

Northwest Veterans Law has a depth of
experience in estate planning by military
veterans that is unmatched. Our attorneys
have looked into the eyes of Soldiers,
Marines and Airmen and assisted them
with estate planning as they departed for
combat. We will ​take the same care and
​patience to do what is right for you and your
​family.  Take care of those you love now, and at the end.

     Northwest Veterans Law network attorneys are experienced in basic to complex wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney and probate litigation.  We have the practice depth to meet you needs.

Family Law

Protection for Military Members

Divorce, custody, support and benefit division
​may be impacted by state and federal law.
​State and federal law. The law does not allow
divorce or child custody proceeding to move
forward as usual when you or your spouse are
deployed. You may not receive all the
protections that the law allows if your lawyer
does not understand the unique protections available to you as a
member of the armed forces. Chose attorneys that understand and regularly practice the law that supports your rights.

Expert Witness Testimony


Our attorneys understand that the division of military benefits on divorce is different than dividing a civilian pension. Many judges and many divorce attorneys do not understand that federal law controls what happens to your benefits on divorce. Our attorneys are available to testify and educate regarding your rights.

Veterans Law

Department of Veteran Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs:  Northwest Veterans Law's Salem Office has a practice focus on VA disability claim appeals. VA processes and procedures can become overwhelming and confusing. Our attorneys and staff have extensive administrative law experience which allows us to effectively advocate on your behalf be​fore this government bureaucracy​.  We understand the physical and emotional challenges that the VA process imposes.  Let us bear that burden for you. 

Board for Correction of Military Records

Regardless of service branch, mistakes and injustices happen.  When they do, the BCMR may be able to correct those.  Contact us for evaluati​on of whether our flat fee BCMR services can help to correct your records.

Criminal Law

 Veteran Courts, Veteran Criminal Defense Attorneys

​Northwest Veterans Law has a network
of attorneys skilled in both military and
civilian criminal defense​.  Unlike the
Uniform Code of Military Justice, which
applies to current Servicemembers
across the world, each state enacts its
own set of criminal laws which apply only
​inside its borders.  Many states also
​have processes and defenses tailored to address the unique needs of veterans.  Contact us if you or a family member are facing criminal prosecution so that we can evaluate whether these defenses apply to your case.

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