Military values form the core of of who we are and how we practice law.  Northwest Veterans Law was founded to serve those who have served.  "Thank you for your service" is a kind statement, but our network attorneys give more than a thank you.  Our legal practice reflects:  Courage, Loyalty, Duty, Commitment, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage and Excellence.

After honorable discharge, the Northwest Veterans Law network attorneys became recognized leaders in the areas of law that matter to veterans.  They apply the focus, tenacity and attention to detail that they learned in the military to the practice of law.  In the military we learned what it meant to trust the man to our left and to our right.  We apply the bonds of loyalty, trust and support to the practice of law.


All attorneys in the Northwest Veterans Law network are military veterans.  Military teams are made of men and women with complimentary skills to train and fight together.  Unity of mission and unity of effort means that all members of the team work to a common objective.  Training, trust and teamwork form the backbone of military success. Those also result in success in the practice of law.



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